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The Alchemy Manifesto

Alchemy symbol

We together are The Alchemists.

We believe in the power of creativity, uniting us through art, transformation and community.

We endeavor to see our artistic projects realized for three reasons – personal transformation, artistic transformation and community transformation.

We accept each person’s personal and artistic self-expression whether in dress, artistic vision, sexual orientation, political views, religious views, lifestyle choices.

We bring our highest self to the realm of creative expression and community growth.

We are students and teachers, givers and receivers, dreamers and doers, leaders and followers, powerful and humble… all at once.

We commit to sharing all of our ideas and dreams, knowing that nothing is too wild, too crazy, too impossible to be realized, and that we have found a haven to triumph in the alchemical process of dream making.

We will be vigilant… in our integrity, our honesty, our communication, our open heart, our goals, our courage, our work ethic, our joy.

We endeavor to share our arts, talents and projects for charitable and altruistic causes.

We are part of an extraordinary movement of communal transformation through art and experience.

Alchemy: A philosophical tradition from antiquity to modernity of a mystic path to profound powers; the spiritual ennoblement of inner revelation and enlightenment; science and technology interlaced with mythology, magic and spirituality; the creation of the elixir of life; transmuting base metals into gold….