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What We Do

Fire Angel The Alchemy Tony D'Aula

We Make Art


Transforms the people who experience it

Supports the artists who create it

Networks the resources that build it

Connects the communities who inspire it

The Alchemy is a nonprofit arts organization based in Los Angeles that supports and networks artists, creative projects and communities… mixing people, art, technology and dreams in the crucible of creativity…

We together are the Alchemists… igniting a fire within

We create transformative events through performance, ritual, media and community both as collaborative Experience Designers and as creators of The Alchemy art season and programs.

We work together with artists and event producers to realize extraordinary creative visions.

We offer a portal to bring creative dreams to life – from music, theatre and dance to photography, video and film to fine arts, workshops and classes to think tanks, retreats and seminars.

We provide exceptional full functioning creative spaces that include performance stages, full light, sound and recording capabilities, projection screens, experience rooms and tranquil gardens.

We support the artist and the arts as a means to create positive personal, artistic and community growth. A vital part of The Alchemy’s mission is to provide transformative opportunities and support to artists and the public, through its Artist-in-Residence, Project Development, Art Showcase and Educational programs.