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Music and Flow, Hosted by James Kyson

Music and Flow
Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Alchemy presented an interactive evening of music, poetry, writing, sharing, and live performances at the Castle! Part music and poetry concert, part creative workshop, part social gathering… and all parts love, inspiration and FLOW!

Featured artists included:
Dave Yaden (4 time Grammy Winner):
Brock Baker (American Idol):
Peter Chung (Winner, Kollaboration Stars 2016):
Maya Moxley:
Matt Koelsch:
Jamee Mae Kyson:
Devon Wekheiser (Ned’s Survival Guide):
BELL fka Caroline Brooks:
Charles Williams - poet:
Live Painting by Thuany Inca:

More about the event: Music and Flow, created by James and Jamee, was inspired by a vibrant community of musicians and poets who sought a creative environment to share their art, with the the idea of inviting everyone to participate in unlocking their creativity and becoming part of the artistic process. What happened was a firestorm of magic that has been igniting the flow for two years.