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Experience Design & Immersive Theatre

Castle fire dance the alchemy

Experience Design creates immersive events that engage every aspect of a guest’s experience, encouraging interaction with the performers, the site and the performance itself.

An emerging art movement that challenges artists to create events that put the experience of the “audience” first, through unexpected interactivity, stimulating environments, provocative themes, extravagant décor, and resonant history and myth.

You can also engage The Alchemy and its network of artists to celebrate an important life event or bring your artistic vision to life at The Castle or your site.

Examples of Experience Design events at The Alchemy:

  • Themed Murder Mystery Dinner: Engaged by YouTube to create a Hunger Games themed murder mystery dinner, The Alchemy provided a rich, artistically-integrated set of whimsical costumes, makeup and hairstyling, catered an opulent feast, and video-documented the guests discovering clues in multiple spaces for a spectacular evening.
  • The Alchemists' Salon is an immersive theatre experience in which guests are invited to come in costume and character to attend a meeting of The Society of Intrepid Alchemists (a hundred years ago in Old Hollywood) featuring an array of amazing performers presenting their “research.” This ongoing format can be applied to a variety of events and there is a steadily growing number of recurring characters created by guests and performers alike.
  • Alchemists’ Murder Mystery Dinner: Beginning in the format of the Alchemists’ Salon, the “Annual Dinner of the Society for Intrepid Alchemists” is rudely interrupted by the murder of The Maestro. The guests then explore the space on the own until the Inspector arrives to call them all to the drawing room and ask them what they’ve discovered. Clues and accusations are leveled at the suspects (who happen to include some of LA’s finest improv comedians).
  • Houdini’s Last Seance is an immersive theatre experience in the format of an Alchemists’ Salon, featuring a creative re-imagining of the actual event that took place in 1936. Originally developed with Atlas Obscura for Hallow’een 2014 and then toured in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara in March 2015.
  • Seasonal Rites: Marking the change of seasons through ritual, myth and performance. The Alchemy have created rich mythic, musical community rituals for Winter Solstice 2014, Rite of Spring, and Winter Solstice 2013.


Rite of spring ritual audience at the alchemy
Bree Allan the Alchemy
Rite of spring ritual audience at the alchemy
Bree Allan the Alchemy