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Art Showcase Series

Tony D'Aula Fire Harp
Lesa Hardy Bryan Trent Fair
Stefanie Fiorino Artwork

The Art Showcase Series is a monthly revolving program where The Alchemy showcases visual artists – including sculpture, paintings, photography, design, crafts, textile art, conceptual art, decorative arts and more.

The Alchemy will host an opening reception to promote and celebrate the artist’s work.

The artist will be showcased in The Alchemy's quarterly publication of The Art Showcase Program, highlighting the artists, their work and how to purchase the art.

For more information and to apply, please contact us at:

A few of the artists we are proud to showcase:

  • Tony D'Aula -  Fire Sculpter - Discovering hundred year old vintage pieces and transforming them into fire breathing works of art
  • Bryan Trent Fair - Oil Painter - His journey as an artist is the constant challenge of bringing forth the mystical and the intangible in the faces of those he paints
  • Stefanie Fiorino - Conceptual Artist - Using ink, metals, nature elements and symbolism, Stefanie creates jewelry and intricate ink drawings layered with meaning
Lesa Hardy Bryan Trent Fair
Stefanie Fiorino Artwork