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Education & Outreach

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The Alchemy Kids Art Camp
Eva Clay Lucia Luise The Alchemy

An integral part of The Alchemy’s mission is to create charitable events that enable artists to bring the healing, supportive and transformative experience of creativity into the public realm for positive change.

The Alchemy's Education and Outreach art programs foster growth, creativity and community in an exchange of ideas, innovation and imagination through artistic endeavors.

We provide a platform that enables artists to bring their knowledge to the wider community and that also encourages participants to share their artistic inspirations.

We invite artists to share their talents in a charitable fashion so the community can benefit from the inspiring experience of art in all its forms.

For more information or to bring a project to The Alchemy, please contact us at:

One of our treasured Education and Outreach programs at The Alchemy:

  • The Alchmey Kids Art Camp - A week long inspirational art camp exploring fine arts, media arts and performance. The Alchemy Kids Art Camp is designed to give kids and teens the opportunity to participate in a variety of art disciplines to help them find their passion and to enrich their lives through the inspiring experience of watching true art professionals share their talents. The kids then engage in the different art forms to learn new skills, with guidance, creating a fun and confidence building experience. Our instructors are some of LA’s finest teachers and performers, and they are passionate about sharing the inspiring experience of creativity to positively affect a kid’s life.


The Alchemy Kids Art Camp
Eva Clay Lucia Luise The Alchemy