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How To Apply

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We look forwart to hearing you, the artist extraordinaire, to participate in the Artist Residency program and welcoming you into The Alchemy art community.

Please contact us at:

We will send you a full description of the program and the application. You will be asked to send your bio, mission statement, residency goals, departure event description and contact information.

Project Development

The Alchemy Project Development program is open to theatrical, musical and dance ensembles as well as playwrights, composers and video and filmmakers at any stage of developement.

Please contact us at:

Please include information about your project and what you are looking for in terms of support. We will send you information about the program and the amenities and collaboration benefits that could best serve your project. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Art Showcase Program

By participating in the Art Showcase Program, visual artists will have an opening event, a month long exhibition at The Alchemy and a feature in the quarterly Art Showcase publication showcasing their work. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your beautiful work.

To apply to this porgram, please send your bio, vision statement, art work portfolio or web link to:

Education and Outreach

The Alchemy is passionate about bringing transformative art to the wider community through education, outreach and charitable events.

To find out more about our events, how to participate or if you would like to bring an event to The Alchemy, please contact us at: