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Become a Mæster

As a Maester, you are intrinsically woven into this thriving community of artists, creators…. and Alchemists. Through your generous support, and your belief in the Alchemical process… creative dreams are brought to life to be shared and experienced…

Your gift enables The Alchemy to create the most compelling and inspiring art, bringing transformative experiences to the intimate circles of our smaller communities and out into the wider community and the world... turning dreams into gold.

We celebrate and honor you by offering

  • Passage to all events of The Alchemy Art Season - including performances, art openings, concerts, dinners, workshops, play readings, and events
  • Access to The Maester’s Lounge, the Alchemy’s inner sanctum and your private sanctuary within the Castle, where you and your guests can relax during events
  • Special invitations to intimate dinners, concerts and smaller art events throughout the year that are not publicized to our broader circle
  • You are the Guests of Honor at the annual Maester’s Ball at the Castle in the Hollywood Hills
  • The Maester’s Forum, accessible through the Maester Circle within the Alchemy website, with a Schedule of Events, Artist-in-Residence and Art Program happenings, Philosophies Perspectives and Trajectories
  • And we invite your participation in expressing your valued perspectives, inspirations and ideas about building, growing and sustaining this dynamic arts organization to support art and artists and inspire our communities
  • We present you The Maester’s Key…. to enter the secret passageways of The Alchemy, a world of Alchemical wonder and an inner sanctum known only to the Maesters

We anticipate your presence… Welcome…

Maesters Circle The Alchemy

Mæster donation details

To be a Mæster the minimum annual donation is $1200. If you wish to contribute more, we are deeply grateful and any amount over $1200 is tax deductible.*

Upon your donation, we will send a receipt for your tax purposes and a welcome letter with all the Mæster details, benefits and special access to the Mæster Circle within the Alchemy website.

Tax deductible donation

You can make a tax deductible* contribution if you donate to The Alchemy via Fractured Atlas, our 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor.

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Direct donation

If you will not deduct* your gift and you want The Alchemy to receive the full value of your contribution, you can donate directly to The Alchemy by check, payable to "The Alchemy", 8033 Sunset Blvd. #434, Los Angeles, CA 90046 or via PayPal:

* Tax-deductible contribution excludes the cost of merchandise, services and goods received from The Alchemy. If you would like to waive your right to these benefits, please indicate with your donation.